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a relationship will not cure your issues, no matter how hard young adult books and films try to push that notion on us. if you have depression or bipolar or anxiety or whatever, getting into a relationship isn’t going to cure that or make it go away. person with illness + relationship = ill person in a relationship. please don’t put all of your focus on finding someone to fix you, focus on fixing yourself the right way.

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No Rest For The Wicked (A$AP Rocky Remix) by Lykke Li
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at peace

You are beautiful, my dear ❤️ tajajanel

Youth by Daughter
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So you’re against gay marriage, but you get off to gay/lesbian porn? So it’s okay for a gay couple to be together sexually, but if it’s love then they can’t? Way to go, you’re a hypocrite.


Have you ever met a girl that continues to amaze you day by day, after years of knowing each other? No matter where you guys stand, it’ll be on good terms because you’re both comfortable with not having a title on what it is that you guys share? The relationship we share is so supreme, in absolutely every aspect. I’ll cherish it forever.


Settle Down by The 1975
04:44"This is for my pride. I was suffering long before you found me. You built a roof over my head to protect me from the rain and you were the tornado that blew it down. This isn’t for you. These bruises are self inflicted; don’t flatter yourself. You threw a rope out into the ocean for me me, told me to hold on. Tried pumping the water out of my lungs and dunked my head in a bathtub instead. This is for clarification. I was never a fragile thing. Never an antique in a thrift store desperate for a polish and another shot to sit on a mantle. I am not a caged animal with my tail between my legs. You are not a man with a whip. You are a scraped knee. You are a forgotten battle in an ancient war. You are scissors hacking away at stone. You are a carving on a redwood tree. You were a fight and I am a fighter. This is not forgiveness." — What’s a Creek to a Canyon? by Stevie Lorann (via articulat)

Gorgeous (feat. Kid Cudi & Raekwon) by Kanye West
04:29"Girls are raised in a society where flattering clothing means clothing that makes you look skinnier. Where fat is an insult more often than a noun and not just a physical description but a reflection of personality. Where “you look healthy” is what you say when a girl gains weight, but “you look good” is what you say when a girl loses weight. Girls are raised in a society that teaches them it is their own responsibility to be as small as possible because they do not deserve to take up space." — Anonymous   (via pestan)

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Take It or Leave It by Cage The Elephant

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